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Welcome...Brothers and Sisters to my sacred creative space. Everything is designed and Handmade by Mary-Beth Korutz-Killian manifesting in Northeastern Pa. The beautiful items and Art are Unique and One-of-a-Kind creations that are first meditated, envisioned  and dreamed into being and manifest through creative channeled energies from higher positive forces. I am independent free-thinker and traveler, an avid, earnest,  Artist and Craftsman in many eclectic areas which emanates and vibrates through my Unusual and Unique creations. My Creative energies are usually channeled Under the Full Moons or New Moons and other specially high vibratory times of the seasons when I developed  new and exciting cutting edge capsules of work and one of a kind creations. Some of my current Creative lines include:

~"Yoused" ~Unique & Unusual GREEN-creations from Re-cycled materials which includes Jewelry, Handbags, Scarves and more.

~Incantations~one of a kind designs with beautiful layers of unique fibers, colors, textures and adornments of Hats, Scarf's, Purses, Shawls and more.

~Primal Raw~Amulets and Talismans necklaces, bracelets, and earrings created from all naturally charged raw elements from by GAIA and nature collect from around the world in power areas and sacred spaces.

~Shaman Harvest~Neck Charms...woven Mandalas from unique fibers and adornments...infused with grounding and balancing energies of protection and beauty...each a true work of art.

~#Tibetan #~Amulet Necklaces, Pins, Barrettes, Earrings, created with precious stones and crystals from Tibet each has their own channeled energies and Title used for protection energy, and healing.

My Art depicts charged moments that evoke portals to other states of consciousness and dimensions...suggest unusual realms where something Magickal, Transforming, Unique, Unusual  or Enlightening is about to happen or has already occurred. You will enjoy owning authentic one of a kind pieces of Fine Artwork or a Highly Evolved Artisan Craftwork which is indeed...a *Sacred-Manifestation* that holds an energetic Portal to other dimensions where Magick is abound.  

My life experiences come from not only vibrating as a Fine Artist and Craftsman but also as a Medicine Woman, Jeweler, Psychic, Reiki Master and Teacher, Magnified Healing Master, Master Herbalist ,Musician , Poet , Master of G-jo,Teacher, Seeker of the truth in all things, Belly Dancer, Designer, Life Coach, Empath, Paranormal Researcher and Investigator.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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