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Ankle Bracelets are worn on both ankles. Most anklets seem to be worn on the right ankle. Perhaps this is due to more people being right-handed. Although in eastern cultures, anklets are worn on both ankles. It is common practice that the right ankle, being opposite of the left hand where the wedding ring is worn, indicates the female is not married....hence the left ankle indicates that she is married. Most cultures, anklets made from numerous kinds of adornments, with beads or stones, or more decorative ornate designs are simply worn for adornment.The wearing of anklets as an adornment has been around since at least 4000 BCE. Over 6,000 years ago. When the graves of ancient Sumerians were discovered, many of them were found to be wearing ankle bracelets. Cleopatra was a very famous anklet wearer, and women in India have worn them for centuries both as personal decoration and for GROUNDING, good luck, beauty and protection. Most Ankle Bracelets are made standard size of 9 3/4"- 10".




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