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All the Jewelry designs in my collections are one-of-kind, unique, unusual, and spiritually charged with positive energies for the wearers highest good, enjoyment of beautiful energies, delightful visual elements which stimulate the promotion of divine innate wisdom.

~Primal Raw~Amulets and Talismans necklaces, bracelets, and earrings created from all naturally charged raw elements from by GAIA and nature collected from around the world in power areas and sacred spaces.

~"Tibetan"~Amulet Necklaces, Pins, Barrettes, Earrings, created with precious stones and crystals from Tibet, each has their own channeled energies and Title used for protection energy, and healing.

~Shaman Harvest~Neck Charms...woven Mandalas from unique fibers and adornments...infused with grounding and balancing energies of protection and beauty...each a true work of art.



Jewelry designs in Sacred-Manifestations Collections are all manifested by myself, are one of a kind, unique, unusual, Spiritually charged, positive energies for the wearers highest good, beautiful, natural, visual elements, which aid in stimulation and promotion of the Sacred and Divine Innate Wisdom's of Life.

My Ring Creations fall into one of the following spiritual manifestations:

- Sterling Silver- Sterling Silver is a precious metal, sterling silver pieces are an investment and will always maintain or grow in value, their beauty will stand out because of amazing luster and color.

These Sterling Silver artistic Rings designs are unique and a work of fine craftsmanship and art that will endure many lifetimes. These heirloom Sterling Rings Creations will be a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection.

- More Creations
- This is a creative venue for my handmade, unique and unusual, artistic designs. The More Creations Category is for these unique and unusual items that do not really fit into any of the other categories that are currently listed.



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