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Fiber Art designs in Sacred-Manifestations Collections are all manifested by myself, are one of a kind, unique, unusual, Spiritually charged, positive energies for the wearers highest good, beautiful, natural, visual elements, which aid in stimulation and promotion of the Sacred and Divine Innate Wisdom's of Life.

"InCanTaTions" Woven Wallets are constructed from natural raw charged elements, unique and unusual fibers and adornments.  Each treasure is manifested for Protection, Energy, Healing, Safety, and to repel and Transmute Negative Energies. Connects to Sun or Moon energies, grounds the wearer with Mother Earth energies of Healing and Love. Each Woven Scarf is Created from Sacred Angel messages and FullMoon dreams, infused with Healing Energies, Reiki Energies, Peace and Love. Every "InCanTaTion Scarf" is titled and signed and infused with positive energies. All are unique and one of a kind Creations, Blessed and made with positive intent and love.


turquoise bracelet

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